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So how are we going to do this all? Its actually really simple. We are going to look at the scriptures and seek out what we as Christians are called to do....and then do it! It is a primary goal to help our teens learn how to correctly handle God's Word (II Timothy 2:15). We want our teens to learn how to read and study God's word, live God's word, and share God's word. Our opportunities for Spiritual Growth begin on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. Sundays classes are divided into single grade classes. Wednesday nights are spent together as a group by implementing our small groups classes. Our goal is to push for deep spiritual growth and really treat every opportunity to learn from the Scriptures as a cherished endeavor.

The Stats

While youth ministry experts do not agree on the statistics, the overall message is alarming. Some say 50%, others say as many as 70-80% of teens, when they graduate from high school will graduate from youth group, church, and God. Our goal at the Buford Church of Christ is to turn that statistic around.

Picked up a copy of the Buford teen directory lately? There are more than 80 teens listed in 7th-12th grade. We want 100% of these teens actively involved in our ministry. By that, they attend Bible classes on Sunday and Wednesday.

Thus, our new calendar will consist of a balanced approach to spiritual growth, service, and social activities.

Godly Focus

We want our teen ministry to be focused on God. He comes first. Each class at Buford consists of an open Bible and intense, practical Bible study. We want our teen ministry to be about spiritual growth. Thus, we continue our efforts in the "Lads to Leaders" programs and all that is within. In as much as they are the church of tomorrow, they are also the church of today and we want them to know how to lead singing, preach, teach, etc. The Lads to Leaders program is a major part of this endeavor.

Recent studies suggest that today's teens are more self-centered than any other generation before. Not at Buford. Our teens are involved in more than twenty planned service projects throughout the year. Our goal is to help develop a lifestyle of service and compassion to our fellow man – whether that be a member at Buford, an elderly resident at a local nursing home, a homeless man in the inner city, or a complete stranger in another part of the world.

Strong Relationships

Strong relationships represent a thread that we want woven throughout our teen ministry. We want our teens to develop healthy relationships within the youth group. We believe the best way to do that is to help our teens be involved in meaningful times together – times where we focus on God and service to our fellow man. With this in mind, we have over 225 days of possible activities for the teens and their parents to participate in each and every year!

Parents are Key

It takes a lot of effort by parents and other adults to help this ministry operate and to grow. We use over two dozen parents each month to help with activities such as hosting the monthly teen devotionals to helping with service projects to teaching classes. We could not do this type of ministry without the heavy presence of our parents. We want any and all to be involved! Plus, it is Gods divine plan for the parents to be an active part (if not THE part) of a teens spiritual growth.

Serving in the Kingdom

All in all, it comes down to this. We want the Buford teens to graduate knowing who they are, how they can use their talents and abilities to serve the kingdom, and how the can use their talents and abilities to reach the lost. This is the crux of the matter. Thus, we strive to create a generation of highly talented individuals who will serve our God throughout their existence on this earth. We want them to seek his priorities and his passions! In doing so, this new generation will change the world and all those they come in contact with. God is good!


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