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Not much is expected from our teenagers in today's world. In fact, the only thing that is expected of them is trouble. We expect rebellion, anger, trouble, problems, and more. That is not the case at Buford. We see Teens as a vital part of the Lord's church who are an untapped source of encouragement, energy, excitement, and love.

They have the energy and ability to go into all the world and it is our goal to equip them and send them. While we are not without the "teen" issues of today, we seek to form a healthy environment in which our teens can confront their problems and grow from their struggles.

  • Recognize the talents of adults who work with our teens. Each of these adults – whether they are teachers, chaperons, counselors, etc. – have a vital role to play in our group to help develop our teens into faithful servants of Jesus.
  • Recognize that our ultimate goal is to prepare our teens for works of service. We want to see our teens involved in service projects, mission projects, and efforts where they share the message of Jesus with others.
  • Spiritual growth remains a priority for our group. We want to see them grow in faith and in their knowledge of God's word. Not only is it important that they know God's word, but also that they live God's word. Part of that spiritual growth involves helping them know the difference between God's will and the deceitfulness of Satan.
  • We want to speak the truth in love. We want to help our teens learn the importance of kindness – kindness to each other, to adults who help in our ministry, and to newcomers.
  • Involvement remains a high priority. Each person has different talents. Together, we make up the body of Christ where everyone comes together to do his or her part in helping the kingdom of God grow. We look out for each other. We encourage each other, and we strengthen each other.


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