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About Us

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The mission of the Buford congregation of the Lord's church is to carry on the mission given to the church you read about in the New Testament. We seek to:

Glorify and honor God through prescribed worship (John 4:24)

Preach the gospel of Christ to all the world (Matthew 28:19-20)

Equip and build up fellow Christians (Ephesians 4:1-17)

Help the poor and down trodden (Matthew 25:35-40).

Value Statement

Buford Church of Christ confirms it's commitment to follow the principles of the first century church Jesus built. We speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent. We hold that in matters of faith, unity; in matters of opinion, liberty; in all things love. The church of the New Testament is the kingdom of God waiting to be presented at the judgment as the pure bride of Christ. We assemble on the first day of the week for Bible study, worship, and fellowship as was done by the first century church. It is our firm desire to simply be Bible Christians; nothing more and nothing less.

Core Beliefs:

Jehovah God is Sovereign, the creator of the Universe, and it is our duty to love Him as our Father with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, who died on the cross for the remission of our sins and is seated at the right hand of God in Heaven

The Holy Spirit is one in the trinity with God the Father and Jesus the Christ; He is given as a gift after baptism, He is our assurance of eternal life.

The gospel is the good news concerning the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is salvation in no other.

Salvation is received through individual obedience to the gospel call by believing that Jesus is God's only son, repenting of sins, confessing that Jesus is the Christ, being baptized by immersion in water for the forgiveness of sins and then pursuing a faithful life with Jesus as Lord.

The Bible is the inspired word of God and is the sole authority given for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness that the man of God may be adequately equipped for every good work.


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Jeremy Pate - Youth Minister

Jeremy Pate has been in Youth Ministry for 17 years, beginning as a youth intern and then in full-time work. He grew up in Columbia, TN and worshipped with the Graymere congregation. He was baptized into Christ at 12 years of age. He has been married to the former Brooke Watkins since May of 2005 and has two daughters.

He received a BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration from Middle Tennessee State University in 1997 and went on to work for approximately 2 years in Columbia, TN doing design/illustration work from 1997-1999. After two years as a youth intern, he decided (with help from the Graymere congregation) to go back to school and get a Masters degree in ministry so that he could begin full-time work in a more prepared way. He went to Freed-Hardeman University from 1999-2001 and graduated in May of 2001 with a Masters in Ministry.

After graduation from FHU, he worked full-time in youth ministry with the Westhill church of Christ in Corsicana, TX (2001-2007) and Northport church of Christ in Northport, AL (2007-2014). He began serving at the Buford church of Christ in May of 2014. Through his years in ministry, he has been involved in outreach, service, Bible Study, devotionals, Bible classes, retreats, family workshops, camps and youth rallies. He coordinates workshops for the Lads to Leaders program in Art-Says-It and Song Leading. He designs communication materials and has completed freelance artwork for Apologetics Press, Focus Press, Lambert Book House and youth events at other congregations. He has written and designed 12 books of teen-based curriculum for Lambert Book House as well as Home Bible Studies for families to use.

He is on the Board of Directors for the Southern Evangelism Conference and the Executive Committee for the Exposure Youth Camp. He has spoken on the topic of “Family Ministry” both at the FHU Lectureship and at Polishing the Pulpit.

End of Summer

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Dear Teens,

I miss you guys!

I know that’s a weird thing to say since I see you every Sunday and every Wednesday, but I truly do feel like I don’t see you as much as we used to. After a summer of doing just about everything together, I truly do feel like I don’t get to spend the time with you that I used to. It’s a weird oddity of a feeling and one that I have come to call “desummerization”. 

This is obviously a word I have made up but it fits perfectly, in my mind, with what I feel happens every summer.

We spent hours together at camp, on mission trips, serving at the children’s home, in Nicaragua, at the Norcross Trailer Park, and in Bible class on Sundays and Wednesdays. I always look forward to these times and it always hurts a little when it is gone. So, I figured I would let you know that I miss you all.

On a positive note, we have another summer coming up! I know it seems that it is a long way off, but its not. It is just around the corner. It will come faster than we know!

But until then….we have tons of events planned for this coming school year! Our fall retreat in November, Friday Night Live, Movie days, EXPOSURE Youth Camp, Evangelism University, CYC, Lads to Leaders, and more!

Don’t miss out on all the possibilities that are on the horizon….and soon enough, the summer will be back!

I truly miss you all.

But I’m still here and we have lots of great ways to serve and grow…they just aren’t every day or every week!

But I miss and love you all! endofsummer

Family Ministry

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God intended for the family to be the basic unit in society. A casual view of history reveals that as go marriages, so goes the family; as go families, so goes the community; as go communities, so goes the nation; as go nations, so goes civilization.

We at Buford place a strong emphasis on the family! We want to strengthen our families, help them in their time of need, and support them in their God given roles as mothers, fathers, and children. Come and join us as we seek Gods will for the family.


  • 1135 Chatham Rd
    Buford, Georgia 30518


  • (770)945-8620
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Worship Times

9:00 am Bible Study
10:00 am Worship
6:00 pm Evening Worship
Wednesday 7:00 pm Bible Study

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