Little Debbie Religion

Written by Jeremy Pate. Posted in Blog.


If the list of products on their website is accurate, Little Debbie makes about 120 different kinds of snack cakes.

They have been selling Little Debbie snacks since 1960 and in those 50 years they have sold 157 billion Little Debbies.  If you lined up all of those snacks, end to end, it would cover over 9.9 million miles (enough to circle the earth almost 400 times!)  That’s also enough snack cakes to stretch to the moon and back 41 times!

The top sellers are the Swiss Cake Rolls, the Oatmeal Crème Pies and the Nutty Bars.  Little Debbie sells over 200 million cartons of these 3 products alone each year.

Little Debbie accounts for 1/3 of the snack cake market, making it the number 1 brand of snack cakes.


PEOPLE LOVE SNACKS, don’t they?  They’re quick, easy, convenient, pre-packaged, fairly inexpensive, and quite delicious.  Snacks do have their drawbacks, though, don’t they?

oIf you eat too many, they make you sick

oIf you eat too many, they make your clothes fit a little snug

oIf you eat too many, they can ruin your meals and your eating schedule

oThey’re not very nutritious

oIt’s kind of hard to please everybody with snacks (that’s why they make 120 different kinds)

oThey can’t really fill you up like good food can

As many Little Debbies as I’ve eaten (and quite honestly, I’ve eaten a lot), I know that I can’t live off of them.  If I don’t eat regular meals, containing some important nutrition that my body needs, my body will pay the price at some point. 

Most of us are supposed to be on a self-sufficient spiritual diet by now.  We are supposed to feed regularly on the milk and meat or “solid food” of the Word of God (Heb. 5:12-14; I Cor. 3:2).  We are supposed to be preparing most of these meals for ourselves and for our families (2 Tim. 2:15; Eph. 6:4) and we are supposed to be growing because of them (I Pet. 2:2).  

How many of us are settling for a “Little Debbie” approach to our religion?  I’m not saying that sermons and Bible classes and devotional thoughts can’t be helpful, but can we live off of them, spiritually?  They have many of the same qualities as Little Debbies:

oThey’re easy

oThey’re quick

oThey’re convenient

oThey’re pre-packaged

oThey’re inexpensive

oThey’re often really good

They also have some of the same drawbacks, though:

oThey create an appetite for a certain “brand” if we’re not careful (“If they don’t have Nutty Bars, I don’t want anything!”)

oThey often take the place of our regular meals

oThey can’t really fill us up like “good food” can

If I told you that I was only going to feed my children 3 times a week, what would you say? 

Why is it that my children can’t go more than a few hours without letting me know how hungry they are, but the children of God can often go for days, weeks, or longer without that kind of craving for spiritual food?  This is EXACTLY the comparison Peter makes in I Peter 2:2.  This is EXACTLY the kind of approach we are supposed to have towards God’s Word. 

Those of us who have been Christians for 20, 30, 40 years - We are supposed to be teachers by now, living on a steady diet of spiritual “solid food” and feeding it to those around us.  If we’re not, WHY not? 

Maybe a diet of too many “Little Debbies” has ruined our appetite. 

In response to these thoughts, let’s all go home and treat ourselves to a healthy, well-balanced spiritual meal in addition to the snack we’re having right now.  If you’re a parent, you might want to prepare enough for your children and make sure they’re fed too.  


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