Are We Truly Thankful...or Do We Just Like Turkey?

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In Luke 17:11-19, we read the account of Jesus and the 10 lepers. When they saw Jesus passing by, they said, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.” Jesus then told them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests”, and as they went, they were all cleansed of their leprosy. As they realized that they were clean, 1 of the 10 turned back to express his thanks to Jesus.

I'm Sorry...Did I Offend You? - Part Three

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As we continue our study of Romans 14, let’s take a look at one of the questions that has come up:

“Is the ‘stumbling block/hindrance’ in verse 13 a reference to ‘hurting someone’s feelings’, or is this a more serious spiritual offense?”

I'm Sorry...Did I Offend You? - Part One

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When was the last time you offended someone in the Church with something you said or did?

How far are we supposed to go in our efforts not to offend our brothers and sisters in Christ? What exactly is the meaning of terms such as “stumbling block” and “hindrance” as they are found in passages like Romans 14:13 (ESV)? Is there a point at which we should say something like, “Well, they’re just going to have to get over it, because it’s not wrong!!”?

Jairus & Us - Part Three

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Last week, we saw the leader of a Jewish synagogue – a man named Jairus – come to Jesus. Regardless of the “official position” of the synagogues towards Jesus (which was unfavorable, to say the least), Jairus came to Him for help when there was nowhere else to go. His 12-year-old daughter was dying, and he believed that Jesus could help.

What would Jesus do in this situation? What lessons would He teach? How would He respond to a man who represented so many people who were in direct opposition to Him and His purpose?

Jairus & Us - Part Two

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Last week, we took a brief look at Jesus’ relationship with the 1st century synagogue. As we discovered, Jesus wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms after He revealed Himself to be the Messiah. He was literally kicked out of his home town synagogue (and almost kicked off of a cliff), and it eventually came to the point where the Jews were forced to choose: “You can either believe in Jesus, or you can be part of the synagogue” (Jn. 9:22).

Jairus & Us - Part One

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In the 1st century, the synagogue was a place of study, prayer, and spiritual discussion. In many ways, it was the hub of Jewish community and, although it had not been specifically commanded or instituted by God, it had become very important to God’s people. Although some scholars believe that the synagogue had its beginnings during the time of Babylonian captivity, we don’t see any biblical references to it until we get to the New Testament.

The Gospel Meeting Is ___________?

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Today, we begin our Gospel Meeting with Keith Parker here at the Buford church of Christ. We will be assembling through Wednesday night, having an opportunity to hear a total of 6 lessons from God’s Word.

Depending on whom you ask, there will be a variety of opinions on the current effectiveness of the traditional “Gospel Meeting”. Some of these opinions might include:

The Happiest Place on Earth...

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Disney World

As you read this article, my family and I are on vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL (Lord willing). We have been planning and looking forward to this time together for the past 9 months, and we have counted down the days for as long as I can remember. Although I am actually writing this article several days before we leave, there are some things I am already certain of when it comes to our vacation: 

Bullets, Burgers & Bad Parenting...

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This past week, a shooting instructor named Charles Vacca died after being accidentally shot by a 9-year old girl. The girl was visiting a shooting range called “Bullets and Burgers” in Arizona, where Vacca worked. At the time of the incident, she was shooting a 9mm Uzi. She had successfully fired the weapon several times when it was set to single-shot mode, but lost control when it was put into fully automatic mode. Vacca sustained at least one gunshot to the head, and died Monday night at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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If you participate in social media of any kind, I’m sure that the recent “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” has not escaped your attention over the past few weeks. Allow me to rephrase that a bit more accurately: unless you’re living under a rock, I’m sure that YOU have not been able to escape IT. Like many others, I was drawn into this phenomenon and had an entire cooler of ice water dumped over my head while dozens of giggling teens (and adults) stood around laughing, pointing, and taking videos of the event. I nominated a few other people to do the same thing (although I’m still not sure they know that), I dried off, and I went to bed shortly thereafter.

I have to admit that I didn’t fully understand what I was doing at the time (except for the “getting a cooler full of ice water dumped onto my head” part; I think I understood that pretty well), although I knew that the challenge was meant to raise money & awareness of a disease known as ALS. Basically, I participated in something that I didn’t fully understand because a herd of giggling teenagers seemed to think that it was a good idea.

It wasn’t the first time. It probably won’t be the last.

Back To School

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backtoschool artThere are certain places that have certain smells, aren’t there? My Grandmother’s old house smelled like….well, it smelled like a Grandmother. I guess it was a mixture of biscuits, perfume, Lysol, bacon grease, denture cream, and really old clothes. The last several concerts I went to as a teenager convinced me that they all smell like marijuana and beer. People tell me that my car has a certain smell.


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