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upliftUPLIFT 2013 was an incredible journey of faith. Twenty-six teens and adults headed out for Searcy, Arkansas and the Harding University campus for a week of spiritual growth, fun, and encouragement and boy, what a week!

The week's theme was "Follow Me" and we dived into the lives of the apostles, disciples, and the early church in our search for what it truly means to "follow" Christ. The classes focused on answering four main questions surrounding "following" Jesus – "What are you passionate about", "where does your money go", "where do you go for comfort?," and "what disappoints and frustrated you?"


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There have been many men and women in my life that have had a big impact on me. I have stood at the feet of many great, wonderful, Godly people, but none come even close to the impression my father has had on me.

I am his son and I am proud of it.

My father isn't the perfect man...he simply imitates with his very being the One who is perfect, Jesus.

My father wasn't the perfect dad....he just never stopped trying to imitate our Father in Heaven.

My father wasn't the best at everything...he simply did his best through the abilities given to him by God.

When it all comes down to it, my father is a man, a fallible man. He is a man who will readily admit his sins and failings to the world.

But – He is a man after God's own heart.

A Plan Of Action

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While at Faulkner I have had many opportunities to be in a leadership position. One of the most recent opportunities I was given was to be the coordinator of our annual Student Led Gospel Meeting. The Bible majors and I sat down and set the dates for the meeting. We picked a topic for the meeting and designated the speakers. We even went ahead and picked a place that we could have the meeting and we booked it. However, as we all know, no matter how solid you think your plans are they are always subject to change in a moments notice.

Standard Living

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I don’t remember my father ever sitting my family down and us discussing a fresh spiritual start but I do remember the first time my father ever influenced me to change.

I had been a Christian for around a year. I was trying my hardest to follow what God commanded. I prayed every night before I went to bed and thanked God for my life throughout the day. I read my bible every morning when I woke up and during my free time at school. I thought I was really doing great.

It was an early Sunday morning and I awoke to my father getting me out of bed. He took me into the living room and sat me down between my mother and sister. I knew that my sister was suppose to leave for a beach trip with a friend early that morning so I just assumed we were telling her goodbye. However, that wasn’t the case. We were sitting in our living room to take the Lords Supper with her before she left.

Heading to China!

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chinaWell, here we go!

As many of you know, nineteen of us are heading out to China this afternoon. We will be in Nanning, China for close to two weeks working with China Agape and two of their orphanages. It is going to be a long trip! Awaiting us is a four-hour flight, a sixteen-hour flight, a three-hour flight, and then a two-hour bus ride. And that it just to get there! Should be fun!

I wanted to let you all know a neat story about this trip. Last fall I challenged the teens to push themselves beyond the low expectations that many have for teenagers in our modern world. Everybody expects nothing more than trouble and problems from teens and I wanted them to see themselves as different. Well, little did I know what that would mean!

Praying with my Daughter

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prayingI don't remember the exact first time that my father or mother prayed with me, but I do remember it being as a young child. From my very youth I remember praying at meals, at bedtime, and many other times with my parents. Even when they didn't pray with me personally, I know that my parents prayed for me consistently since even before I was born!

But there is something to praying with your child that is simply amazing. As an adult, the memories flood back to me every time I stop to pray at a meal with my daughter. They flood back like wonderful waves of comfort that I never knew encompassed me. These memories cling to my soul as I teach my child about God and communicating with Him.

A Momentous Moment

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childrenIt was a truly momentous moment. A life changing moment that changed me forever.

I remember the moment when I realized I could influence my parents. I was a small child and I realized I could turn mom against dad or dad against mom. It was an eye opening moment of awesomeness.
I suddenly wielded a power that was truly incredible.
And I wanted to use it.

Oh, we have all used this power as children. We learned to ask mom if we could jump off the roof. She would say, "no" and we would go and ask dad. But we wouldn't ask dad just at any point in time. He needed to be doing something so that he was distracted. From behind his paper, or while he was watching sports, he would answer, "Sure, sweetie."

Raising Daughters

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familyThere was so much work to be done. There are people everywhere. The last fifty-two days have been surreal for Philip. The range of emotions has almost overwhelmed him. One of his best friends was killed over fifty days ago and the whole world changed from that point for Philip. That day lived long in his memory.
But that first day of the new week changed everything. Suddenly, his friend wasn't dead anymore and everything he knew of this world changed.

He had followed this friend for quite a while and had believed that He would change the world. He just didn't know that it was going to be THIS way.

On this day, people are flooding into Jerusalem in droves. The day of Pentecost is at hand. They came here to celebrate a festival and yet....something is different this time. There is a buzz in the air and everyone can feel it. There is something different about this year's festival. They didn't know what was about to hit them.

Then everything changed.

I want to KNOW Jesus

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I want to know Jesus.

Even as I type out these simple words, I find them not enough. They are not eloquent enough. They don't speak in a manner that bespeaks the intensity and intimacy I am seeking. They do not do justice to that which is my aim. They are simple words that say way too little. They are supposed to mean more.

Some look at these words and see nothing more than knowledge. They see a relationship with Jesus based solely on knowing everything possible about Him and the word of God, the Bible. Knowing the Bible becomes "knowing Jesus." Even as I write this, I cringe because I want so badly to follow this up with, "This is partially true and we do need to "know" the Bible." But here is my problem.

You think YOUR family is messed up?

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There are some pretty messed up families in the Bible. I mean REALLY messed up. Here is a list of just a few.

1. One man blamed his wife for something that they BOTH did, which caused both of them to be evicted from their home.
2. One man offered up his daughters to a mob of angry men to appease them.
3. One man lied about his wife to another man, which caused a plague to come over his entire household.
4. One family had two sons. His father loved the first son more, while his mother loved the other more. The mother lied and tricked her husband, so her beloved son would get the family blessing and inheritance that was owed to his favorite son.
5. One family took their father's favorite son and sold him into slavery. SLAVERY.
6. One man stole one of his best friend's wives, had his best friend killed, and then married her.

Remembering is hard....

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Some days I forget. I forget some of the simplest things in the world. I forget names, dates, appointments, and places.

Some days I simply forget.

I do realize that I am not alone in this. In fact, I dare say we all forget things. We forget things all the time. Every day we forget birthdays and anniversaries. Ah...one should never forget anniversaries!

Well, we all do it. And honestly, it is not always a bad thing to be forgetful. I've always found that being able to forget people's faults is a wonderful thing. The ability to forgive and forget is an absolutely wonderful trait to have!

But I also think that our ability to forget can cause us to miss out on some of the greatest moments in history.

The Real Story....

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Cowering in a corner, the little boy hid from the soldiers that came his way. He cried as he held his knees tight to his chest. Tears ran down his dirty face and he couldn't help but pray. He prayed for safety and for his family. He didn't know where his mom and dad were. They were probably dead, but he didn't want to think about that. All he knew was that the enemy was here and this was not going to be a good day.

The soldiers burst in the door. They started ransacking the home until they ran across the little boy. They grabbed him by his arms as he screamed for his life. He struggled and did his best to run. He just had no energy left.

They placed him with the other boys his age. They led him in chains toward the slave cart and threw him inside with the others. He was going to be a slave.

Time together...

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You can tell the health of a church by how long people stick around after the worship service.

There are many "churches" today that come together on the first day of the week for worship that simply haven't figured out a major aspect of what it means to be a "church." They come together and fulfill all of the major aspects of worship but they miss out on one of the main components of being together.

Imagine with me for a minute. Imagine the first century and its daily life. Think of the first century church. They did not meet in a specific building with a sign outside the door that read "Meeting place of the Church of Christ." They met in houses. They met in private places hidden from sight. They met privately because of the persecution.

She asked the right question...

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My time in China was great. I truly loved being there and I truly love the people. The thousands of students I met. The millions of chinese who stared at me. The hundreds that I became friends with. This is just a little exerpt from my life from that time for the teens at Buford and all of the rest of you who stumbled upon this.
When we landed in Wuhan on that beautiful fall day, I was amazed at how far out in the middle of nowhere the airport was. Having flown all over the world, this was by far the most distant airport from its stated city of landing. Once we arrived at our apartments on campus, I started unpacking and getting ready for our meeting with the school officials the next day. Not knowing what to expect, I was going over my contract on what I might be asked to teach, how many hours, what my schedule would look like, etc. I have to say I was a bit worried because Id heard that sometimes they like to push the foreign teachers when it comes to hours. But alas, my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door.


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